The magic 7: Yoga for lower back pain

As you may know, 7 is a magic number…And yoga is magic too. 

Since I started teaching yoga in 2014, probably the 80% of my clients suffered from low back pain. Daily work sitting for 8 hours, driving, carrying heavy weight or even not moving our bodies with correct knowledge, can lead us to suffer back issues. 

No doubt yoga or pilates will help you a lot with this. And I am sharing with you in this post my magic 7, the  poses that I consider and offer to my clients for lower back. These poses will stretch your lower back and hips and make you feel better, create space and relax the area, but I will also recommend some strengthening as well once you don’t have pain.

    1. Balasana (Child’s Pose)

    2. Cat & Cow


    3. Lagarto flow 

    4. Malasana (Squat)

    5. Ananda balasana (Happy baby)

    6. Sucirandhrasana (Thread the needle)

    7. Supta Matsyendrasana (Lying twist)

    Remember to do both sides/legs and…To breath! You can stay 5 breaths of each pose or as much as you want. It’s your time 🙂



  1. BONUS

    If you still need something more….Stretch your hamstrings…

    You can also open the leg you are stretching to one side and then cross it to the other. If your hand doesn’t reach your big toe, use a strap, belt or towel. And if you feel any pain in the back while doing this, bend your other leg place the foot down on the mat.  

    Savasana ;)…Relax….

    Hope this help you. Wishing you a very happy summer ¡Thanks for reading!




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