Trekking and yoga in Lanzarote

We are so lucky to be able to enjoy outdoor activities almost all year round in Lanzarote. Lanzarote is a great island for walking, surfing and treat yourself to some wellness experiences. One if them can be yoga. Because it feels always great to do some yoga at your local studio but it’s even better if you can connect with nature, if your mind can be calmed by the sea or some amazing volcanoes, your lungs can rejuvenate with the clean air we enjoy here on Lanzarote and you can enjoy all the benefits. 

And this great idea came when one day last year, after leaving Diego at the nursery, I had the morning off and decided to go for a walk. I stopped in the middle of La Geria and started walking. The sky was blue, the light was mystic, the sun was shining. At some point I was surrounded by lava, in a natural circle, and I decided to sit and meditate. To enjoy. Breath and…Why not some yoga poses? Then the idea came to my mind. I should share this beautiful way of experiencing Lanzarote with some trekking and yoga sessions…I had no idea about trekking routes so my friend Sara, that is a professional tour guide and works with Senderismo Lanzarote, a trekking local company, to meet her and propose the idea. She loved it and we went for it.

We had some amazing experiences already and we plan to keep going for as long as we can, doing one a month. We have enjoyed trekking and yoga at amazing areas or Lanzarote and enjoyed great views.

Here are some photos of the latest ones. Enjoy

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