The evolution of a yogi

The title of yoga journal US this month, with the amazing Kathryn Budig on the cover, made me think about my evolution as a yogi. My dharma. My yoga journey I believe started in 2011, when I started a blog about organic cosmetics… Whaaat?! Yes, your yoga journey can start at unbelievable situations. 

I always loved creams, lotions and all related to cosmetics. Once I switched to the organic cosmetics, worried about how many bad things I was putting on my skin, the biggest organ we have, I started to be more conscious and worried about what I was putting inside my body, through food. Then I became vegetarian. Now I don’t eat meat but I love sushi and jamón serrano, and sometimes a good fresh fish when I go out but try to be as vegetarian and eat as healthy as I can. 

And then the pilates came…And then the yoga…Left the normal office job to live one of my biggest adventures living and teaching in Thailand. And travel. And a son.

In the yogic philosophy, they believe that the body has 5 koshas (layers): anamaya kosha (food layer, physical, more superficial), pranamaya kosha (breath), manomaya kosha (mind), vijnanamaya kosha (wisdom or inner voice layer), anandamaya kosha (bliss layer). 

Some people start their yoga journey with meditation, with massage, with breathing techniques, serving others, educating others… In some amazing ways, if you stay open and listen to your inner wisdom, the yoga will find you. Your dharma (or should mission in life) will find you. And I believe there will be more things to come, as my journey keeps going and my interests keep growing as well. This year I discovered EFT and now I am starting a course on Ayurvedic Nutrition and adding more meditation in my life. Always learning, spiced up with a crazy mother freelance daily life of course. 

I’ve always loved learning new things. So, as I believe we keep evolving, growing, multitasking and adding to our dharma, our mission in life, so we feel complete and happy, I also stay open to the signs and people that come into my life, teaching, sharing and making me grow. 

Wishing you a great summer full of new dreams, learning and evolution.


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