Dare to try


You’ve been thinking it for a while…All your friends have tried it and some of them are hooked. They feel so relaxed, they look much better, much healthier, much happier…And some of them are even turning into vegetarian hippies!!!

What has that yoga thing that is so popular now?

Well, maybe just for the wellbeing and the relaxed mood that you have when you finish the class, it is worth. Yoga is so much more and is for everyone. But first, you have to try.

Yes, you the inflexible, you the weak, you the old, you the teenager. Yoga is for everyone. No worry about the age, condition or anything that is stopping you. Sometimes is just the laziness of going somewhere and compromise to something. But if you never try, you never know. So, dare to try. Move. Breath. Stretch and disconnect for a while. Dedicate some time for you. Maybe it’s for you. Maybe not. But don’t tell yourself that you can’t if you have never tried. And even then, your tried and you didn’t like it, sometimes you have to try a new class. A new teacher. The first yoga class I went I didn’t like it. It was not my moment. A while later, I was open and not expecting anything, I tried again and loved it. 

So, dare to try. And as a motivator, I am giving you a free trial class for the month of October if you read all the way through the post! Let me know and I will give you more details. 🙂

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