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It’s been a loooong time since the last post! I started the year with the purpose of writing one post per month but life sent me a big lemon, and I’m still busy with the lemonade. But I’m not here to talk about recipes, but about TIME…


TIME…That element that shapes our lives. That one that sometimes we want to stop, sometimes seems eternal. 

Past, present or future, which one are you in more often?

For me, the past is gone, bye bye, finito…It’s never been so hard to release the past and accept what is. But I am a dreamer, so I used to live more in the future. Every year, I would do a vision board and try to accomplish all bullet points…But life brings you sometimes presents, good or bad, that make you fall into the present, into reality. And then, when you recover of the fall, you start to see clearer, more authentic, more alive. More present. 

So now I am working on the present. Burnt the vision board and living the moment, no hurries, no expectations, free flowing and going where my heart and intuition takes me, in work and in life.  When you open to the magic of uncertainty, trust and let go of expectations, life gives you magic.

Yoga helps also a lot to be present. In a yoga session you connect body, breath and mind, which brings you to the moment. There are so many ways to stay present, to enjoy the present and not think or poject into the future, blocking other possibilities that life may bring you. I am discovering some I will let you know soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the moment. Now. 



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