My story

Pilates in my roots, yoga in my heart, travel in my soul. 

As a child, I practiced lots of sports (basket, tenis, swimming, ballet…) and I always loved dancing and movement. With 10, I found my passion in gymnastics. Lots of years later, after studying and working in the tourism and cultural events world, I decided to certify as a Pilates MAT instructor in 2011, reconnecting me with my love for movement. In 2012, I decided to leave the life I was supposed to live and started living the life I wanted, travelling the world and finding my purpose in life. Living in Thailand, I found out that my new career was helping people feel better through movement and I started teaching Pilates MAT and learnt new disciplines, like yoga and thai massage.

I certified in 2014 as a Yoga Instructor (200hrs YTC) with Frog Lotus Yoga International in Costa Rica and after some time working and traveling as a yoga teacher through Central America, the nomad life took me to Lanzarote, a magical island where you can find me most of the time now teaching Pilates & Yoga.

The nomad life stopped a bit when I became mum in 2015 and now I am finding the beauty of life and freedom in my daily life on this beautiful island. I am so grateful to have made of one of my passions my job and I try to express this in my classes, always different, always trying to serve and help people to feel better through them. 


The Style of my pilates & yoga classes in Lanzarote.

I studied the classical MAT Pilates. These body conditioning exercises will help you tone your whole body, strengthen your core, align, improve back problems, gain balance and flexibility, among others.

My yoga classes are usually Vinyasa Flow. The classes have a strong focus on breath-movement coordination, linking body, mind and spirit in a well rounded practice that will make you feel great, calmer, lighter, bliss. A perfect balance of movement, awareness and connecting with yourself. 

Adapting always to your level and needs, because each body is different, I will tailor the sessions creating a flowing class that will make you feel better in your body, mind and soul. 




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  1. Aaron Jacobson - May 29, 2014 Reply

    Marta was an excellent addition to our team here at Palmar Tent Lodge. Her experience in pilates and yoga allowed her to offer our guests a variety of classes, which were well received every day. She was always very helpful and friendly, both in class and outside, and conducted her classes in a professional but laid-back way. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed having her around, as did we! I would highly recommend taking her class or bringing her on as a pilates/yoga teacher to anyone thinking about doing so.

  2. Eva Ruecker - August 19, 2014 Reply

    I spent 6 weeks on Koh Samui last summer and was lucky enough to Find Marta’s number on the internet. I had practiced Pilates before but with Marta’s amazing routine, I became fitter – and felt better – than ever. She came to our sala to teach me Pilates twice a week and I really miss her fantastic ability to both motivate me to continue that little extra further and her way of explaining the exercises to actually make them sink in. This way I was able to gradually do more advanced exercises than ever before and I felt that I made serious improvements. She has the best knowledge of Pilates I have come across! Lucky those who have the opportunity to exercise with her!!! 🙂

  3. Anne - October 2, 2014 Reply

    I met Marta on Lanzorite for 2 sessions of pregnancy yoga. It was rejuvenating, relaxing and I’ll look forward to meeting up with her on my next trip.

  4. Ziemann-Nőthe - July 11, 2015 Reply

    I spent a wonderful week in July in Lanzerote. I really enjoyed Marta’s excellent personel training. With Yoga and Pilates I found relaxtion and my body feels different as before. I recommend this experience and hope I can visit her classes soon. Marta’s classroom is easy to reach in Tahiche, I enjoyed the view on the vulcanoes from her terrace. Greatings from Germany.

  5. Dan - October 7, 2018 Reply

    Hi Marta.

    Myself and my wife (with two young children) will be in Puerto De Carmen from 6th November for 10 days and would love to combine a mix of private and group Pilates and Yoga sessions for both of us. My wife has basic yoga and Pilates experience and I have been doing both for a bit longer. Both looking for either group or private session every two days or so to try and accelerate our yoga and Pilates practice.

    We would be grateful if able to let us know about possible class and availability for the days in November.

    Kind regards

    • admin - October 29, 2018 Reply

      Hi Dan,
      Will send you an email. I would be happy to share some yoga & pilates with you. Best wishes, Marta

  6. Dan - November 17, 2018 Reply


    A wonderful week with Marta! Can’t recommend her enough.

    Myself and my wife spent a week in Lanzarote with our two young children and wanted to mix a week of sunshine with some regular Pilates and Yoga. We met Marta separately alternate days for a combination of personalised Pilates/Yoga sessions.

    Marta mixed Pilates and Yoga ending each session with a lovely relaxation improving our technique but also adding focus to the week.

    Can’t think of a better way to combine time in the sun but to arrange a few sessions with Marta.

    Dan and Mary

  7. Richard Rhodes - June 17, 2020 Reply

    Hi Marta.
    I’m planning to be in Lanzarote (Puerto Del Carmen) for the month of July – maybe longer and am interested in pilates and yoga classes. Could you please send me some more info as to where you are, if you teach privately etc and how much?
    Thanks so much!

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