5 books that changed my life

Before meeting André, I only read novels. When he shared with me the self-help book he was reading in 2007, “The 4 hour work week”, a life changing book for so many people, I took it and read it but didn’t like it much (sorry Tim, the concept was amazing but the way it was written was not so good). After that, I started reading a lot about nutrition, spiritual things and yoga. Now, I read 90% of this and 10% novels. And my life has changed a lot. For me, it’s a great way of finding answers to questions, new purposes, new ways of thinking and doing so I can keep growing and learning.

So, here are my top 5 life – changing books. The ones I have always with me and I can pick up again and again, just to read some pages, and I will learn something new. Ready? (Caution: this may cause life changing effects…)

  1. The power of now  (Ekhart Tolle): I read it in Thailand, during a life-changing year, my escape from the office life year, where I found my freedom and changed my profession. This book helped me to stay present, make life simple and not be afraid of minor life things or this vertigo that you get when you leave everything behind to start a new life.
  2. Moving into stillness (Eric Schiffmann): My first yoga book. And a great one. I read it when I was a beginner in yoga. I was interested in knowing more but all the yoga thing seemed so big. This is a great book for that. 
  3. You can heal your life (Louise Hay): Every chapter, every page, would discover me something new. Accept things, not blame others, and discover that I had a big power to change my life. In fact, there is another book from her that I love that is “The power is within you.”
  4. The four agreements (: Read it long time ago. A great reminder for life. Simple but effective.
  5. Women that run with wolves (Clarissa Pinkola Estes): Every woman should read this book. Every mother should pass it to the daughter. So powerful and full of sense. I am reading it at the moment and it arrived at the perfect moment, starting my 35. And, oh wow!!! Have no words…Just read and let me know what you think.

Life gives you lessons. To me, lots of time, these lessons come through books. 
Do you have any life-changing books? 

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