Yogi life in Thailand: Favorite places to eat and practice


As you may know, Yoga is not only about asanas (doing poses). There is also a lot of philosophy behind it and some principles to follow (Yamas and Niyamas). Because body, mind and spirit are all connected and if you consider yourself a yogi/yogini you should not only take care of your muscles doing handstands and arm balances, but also take care of your body inside (through eating, nourishing, etc), among other things like being truthful, peaceful and some other ethical guidelines that will explain in another post.

So here are my favorite healthy places to eat in Thailand (from this second visit) and practice yoga.


Namo Chiang Mai: good place for beginners, tourists and in the north part of the moat. I used to go there a lot when I was living in Chiang Mai two years ago. Good teachers, great people.

Wild Rose Yoga: a great yogi family in a beautiful, cozy studio on the south part of the moat. Rose, the owner, always takes care of every detail, every guest, offering classes, workshops, kirtan, everything you can imagine. Sweet, wild Rose, I miss her already!

I wish I have had time to visit more places, as they are opening a lot of Yoga studios in Chiang Mai now. But these two are my favorite and the ones I always go.


Immain: Healthy vegetarian, no msg and great staff.

Blue Diamond: The best place for breakfast. Not my favorite coffee but great healthy food.

DA Bakery & Nana’s Bakery: for the days that you feel like having a croissant or something not so healthy.

Birds Nest: Original, healthy food and lovely place.

Clay Studio: New discovery for coffee, meditate, be quiet just before going to Wild Rose Yoga to practice.



Oasis Yoga Lanta: Nice place for practicing, good teaching and lovely sala.

Also I loved just to do my personal practice on the beach.


Zukasno: Best bakery right next to our bungalow…Couldn’t resist…

Bambie: Healthy, no msg and with high chairs for babies (this is a super plus for us now 😉

Black Coral: Good european food, for when you are tired of thai food and want some high baby chairs as well.



The Yogarden: Probably my favorite studio in Thailand. Enter there and feel in another dimension, practice yoga surrounded by green, eat healthy food in their café. Everything is beautiful there. Feels also like family and Bonnie, the owner is an amazing person that takes care of everyone.


The Yogarden (breakfast and smoothies)

Art Café: there are 2 now on the island (Chaweng and Bophut) . Healthy food, simple, savory and amazing. Raw food and desserts. Beautiful decoration.

Spa Resort: great raw food, vegetarian but also with fish and meat. Good atmosphere.



I could say more places that I like, but these are my top (the ones I will miss a lot!) from this trip.




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