Yoga & Wine Retreat 2017

There I was…Driving the car from La Geria to my place in Tahiche to pick something I needed from home after the 3rd day of the Wine & Yoga Retreat Lanzarote. “This is really happening…And all is going well!” 

My mind was still processing all the emotions, the hard work of one year planning and organizing this retreat. My heart was full of love and gratitude after spending 3 days with friends at a beautiful house in Masdache. For my first yoga retreat ever, it was even better than I thought. My past job as an event organizer I’m sure had a lot to do with it. Knowing quite well some of the guests, was also an extra point.


We had a great time and there was time for everything: yoga, wine & tapas pairing at home, bodega day tour, hiking, resting, relaxing by the pool…Here are some photos so you can have a better idea.

The House: A beautiful place, with lots of spaces to do yoga, relax, read, enjoy the views and nature. 


The Yoga: We were lucky to have great weather, so we could practice outdoors morning and afternoon sessions. The morning practice was more active, vinyasa style, and the afternoon sessions were more towards restorative / yin yoga. The light and views were amazing. Each day was difference. And the silence…Oh the silence. Amazing to do yoga outdoors in La Geria. 


Last afternoon yoga session was beach yoga. Another one with great views.


And of course, the wine: Being in La Geria, I could not let these yogis without some wine tasting sessions after the afternoon yoga, with local cheese. We also enjoyed a great bodega day tour with Wine Tours Lanzarote and some wine tasting with tapas at home one of the nights with Territorio Sibarita. Both managed by amazing people that show us the love for the job, the island and the wine. 


More than a retreat, it was probably yoga holidays. And as you do when on holidays, we did what we wanted, nothing was mandatory. But we had great plans like walking to El Cuervo Volcano, dancing in Arrecife de las Músicas or enjoying the relax time by the pool. 

Even though, I was the organizer, I also enjoyed a lot the retreat and felt like holidays for me too. I believe that if you organize a retreat or yoga event, you have to show yourself, share all your favorite things and take care of the guests. It’s your time to give, to serve. Do it with love, or don’t do it at all. 😉 I was looking forward to serve and take care of my dear friends. I took everything I loved and put it all together so they could feel good and enjoy this free time from their busy life. I didn’t expect to receive so much love and beautiful moments with them all. And because all this I can say it was fun, beautiful and true. 

If you missed this one and would like to join the next Yoga & Wine Retreat in Lanzarote, stay tuned. Next dates coming soon. 




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