Christmas holidays…Summer holidays…Always good time for FAMILY TIME.

And if you can do yoga together during your holidays on Lanzarote, life will be even better.

Family yoga is a great way to connect with your family through games and laughs, with some final relaxation. Our busy lives don’t allow us to spend much time together. So many tasks, homework, things to do…And when we are together at home, we may not even be talking or playing, we are all attached to our mobiles or pcs.

Family yoga is a perfect excuse to connect with your family, feel alive, laugh, interact. Play, breath and relax together. At home or during your holidays on Lanzarote.

We receive and we give. We grow together. 

For more information and booking sessions in Lanzarote email marta.molinera@gmail.com 


Benefits of Family Yoga

  • Builds trust, strenght and balance, as individuals and as a family.

  • It helps to stretch further than usual and find new poses that you can do in 2, 3 or even in a whole group of families.

  • Great workout.

  • Better body awareness for kids and adults. 

  • Enhances communication and social skills for kids, and adults, not only using words but also facial expressions, touch, eye gazing and breath.

  • And itโ€™s super FUN! Almost laughing therapy ๐Ÿ™‚