Went to heaven for 3 days

Feeling the water again, floating again, feeling the peace of the lake, the mountains, the air in between my hands, the mist, the beauty, the love…I have no words to describe all feelings that went through my body last week. As Steve Gold would say “So much magnificence”.

Desire took me last week to Om Waters for a 3 days retreat. What an experience. I practiced yoga, sang, flew (acro yoga), thai massage and I even were invited to give a Pilates warm up. What a nice feeling it was. I am so happy that Melissa, the teacher giving the retreat, asked me to do so. Sometimes, the obstacles we imagine were never there. Thanks Melissa for teaching me so many things during these three days. I learnt and received a lot from every person there was, listened carefully to the words said and realized how much I love the life I live. How happy I am that I took the decision to leave Spain for a while, to learn from the world, the people I find on my way and realize how much I like teaching and practicing Pilates. And now discovering Yoga and its endless possibilities to feel healthier, lighter and happier.

Let the images talk for themselves…


Om Waters

Yoga Deck – Om Waters – Sri Lanna National Park (Thailand)

 om waters

 Restorative Yoga – Om Waters

Pilates around the world

Views from my bed


Magical sunrise


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  1. melissa - February 20, 2013 Reply

    Sweet Marta, thank you for taking time to retreat with us. It was such a beautiful group~ everything happened so effortlessly, and certainly you were a part of that. Thank you for sharing your heart with me.
    Wishing you many many more adventures in Thailand and across the world.

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