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One year ago I published this post…I suspected I was becoming a yogi…One year later, I am a certified yoga instructor. When I read this post again, I felt the same as when you read old diaries from when you were 16 and think…”Oh, girl, so much to live, so much to evolve”. I am really happy that my journey took me to the teacher training. Now, as a yoga instructor, I feel there is still sooooo much to learn. Today I want to share with you some thoughts from a new yoga instructor perspective.

If you are a yoga instructor yourself, maybe you know what I am talking about. If you are a student, maybe you understand now a bit more your yoga teacher.


Yes, you leave the training ready to teach but once you start it’s totally different. During the 3 weeks of training, I was teaching my classmates, loving the assisting, chanting my oms, singing my mantras…Then, I went into the real world and enter a class with very mixed people, from the ones that have never been to a yoga class and want to try to the super yogis with more experience and flexibility than you.

So, what do you do? How do you teach an awesome class that will satisfy all needs?

Well, you can’t. You can make your best sequence, use your magic cueing and still there will be people yawing, looking at you with very big scary eyes when you are trying to guide them into a certain pose, the ones that do what they want and don’t follow your cueing… Then it’s when the insecurities arise for me and thoughts like “What a shit class I must be teaching, at least they have good views behind me” or “I shouldn’t have included this pose”…And when that kind of class is finished and 2 or 3 people come to you to tell you what an amazing class it was, it’s when I understand a bit more how is it to be a yoga instructor.

Each person will feel the pose differently and leave your class feeling different. That is yoga. And I am loving it more and more. Yoga is being open, humble and respectful. Of course not all of them are going to love my class but I am happy with that and accept it.

There are still a lot things I need to work on and I am very happy about that because that means evolution, growing, learning. The one thing I have clear is that I will always be teaching from my heart, with an honest and real approach. I am not faking anything I don’t feel like doing with the students only because it’s supposed to be yogi (I still don’t feel ready to close the class with OM…for example). Still a long journey to go. I am sure I will be reading this post in one year and think the same: “Oh, girl, so much to live, so much to evolve”. And I love that.


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