Retreat in order to advance


February 2012. I went to my first yoga retreat ever, in Chiang Mai. You can read more here. I learnt a lot in that retreat but something stuck into my mind: “Retreat in order to advance”. After that 3 days, I was determined to start teaching Pilates full time and live the life I love. And I did it.

Going on a retreat not only makes you see things, problems or life from a difference perspective, also gives you the calm, determination or whatever it is you need in order to make it happen when you are back into the real world, your daily life. Once a year, I always need to do something for me, travel alone, go on a retreat. That is the time when I can think, see things from outside and think of desires and how to make them come true. And sometimes you meet amazing people in that retreat that will change your life.

So I am very happy to be able to share some Pilates and Yoga in a digital nomads retreat on Gran Canaria!

From the 10th to 24th January 2014, work and live with like-minded entrepreneurs, get inspiration, do some networking and stay fit. I will be offering Pilates and Yoga fusion every day during the first part of the retreat, which will take place in a beautiful villa in the mountains of Gran Canaria, with a pool and amazing sea views.

Wanna join? More info: Here


Not sure yet? Here are some photos of the Hacienda and the island, to tease you a little bit more…

casaThe Hacienda


pool-haciendaThe Pool with sea views

 vallesecoMountains to hike nearby the villa


moyaTypical canarian towns to explore


dunesOne of the beautiful beaches and the sea, where you can swim all year round

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