Pilates Lanzarote

Experience the authentic MAT Pilates at the comfort of your home or accommodation on Lanzarote.

  • Private sessions and small groups in Lanzarote. 
  • Private pilates classes focused on quality and adapted to your level and needs.
  • Anytime, anyday. I’ll adapt to your schedule and bring all the materials. 


Also known as “Contrology”, Mr. Joseph Pilates created this non invasive movement method where through exercises on a mat, your body gets stronger, flexible and better alignment and posture. The exercises are focused on quality, control and focus linking movement with breath, to create a perfect balance of body and mind. 

The method and movement comes from the control and strengthening of the core (powerhouse), and from there everything will move easier, your body will flow and get stronger and agile from the first class, helping you in everyday life. 

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 your body will be a new one”. Joseph H. Pilates.


In our 1 hour pilates mat session, we will warm up first, perform the classical Mat Pilates session personalized for you, depending on you needs, any injuries you may have or what we decide we want to work on to improve and/or strengthen your whole body. 

At the end, some juicy amazing restorative stretches will help you slow down and relax. You will get feedback and corrections from me during the class and I will make sure you feel safe, strong and amazing. 

For prices, more information and bookings:
+34 662 232 851


As you may have heard, pilates is not only abs or corework. All these sequences of exercises, precisely created and coordinated create lots of benefits for your body and mind, among them:

  • Tone and strengthen your whole body.
  • Your back problems or any area of the body that needs strengthening will get better, maybe even taking the pain away.
  • Better flexibility, coordination. 
  • Improves posture.
  • Better balance.
  • Better breathing capacity and awareness.
  • Improves concentration and reduces stress.
  • A great way of balancing and maintenance for athletes.
  • Better control of your body. 
  • Suitable for all ages.

From my point of view, Pilates is an amazing discipline for those who want to move, get stronger, tone your body and learn to move and control your body in amazing ways. If you don’t like gyms, weights or super cardio fitness, this may be your kinds of exercise. You will sweat and maybe feel muscles that you didn’t knew were there.


“When I found ” Pilates around the world” telephone’s number, I didn’t know yet that it was a lucky day. Marta is just the right person you need when you want to go into the fantastic world of Pilates. Every exercise is well explained, she pays a lot of attention to each person, corrects your move for your best. After my first class , I felt so light, I wondered if I wasn’t going to flight! I never missed the chance to take all classes I could. If I happen to be traveling not far from where Marta is , no way I miss the chance to exercise Pilates with her ! Thanks Marta.” – Moana (Montpellier – France)