One year in Thailand


“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”- Dalai Lama

 Today we celebrate one year living in Thailand.  One year ago we were leaving Spain with all our possesions (1 suitcase and 2 small backpacks) and our cat, ready to live differently, outside the norm. Thankfully everything has been so good that after one year we are still here. Can’t be thankful enough.

No doubt it has been a great year, full of adventures, transformation, new culture, new friends, new ideas…At the beginning everthing was new but after one week everything seemed very normal and I was very comfortable in my new country. Being in a country like Thailand, where everything is possible, people smile at you, don’t believe in violence and are happy by nature, is pretty easy to adapt if you are open to change.

Traveling is such a big thing I recommend everybody to do this at least once in your life.


The other day, André and I were talking about how we think we have changed and grow in this year, and I wanted to share it with you. Here are some of them:

– Less is more: living with what you have in your suitcase makes you realize you can be as happy as before with less things. We have trown away or donated stuff that we brought with us and we haven’t used in months. It is amazing how happy you can be with not many possesions. It may sound very easy to do, wanna try? Go now to your closet and throw away all your clothes, take only 4 or 5 pieces and live with them for one year. Same same with all the clutter and things you have in your house. Easy right?

– Spirituality: Yoga has slowly changed me this year, not only physically (teaching Pilates full time also helped there) but spiritually as well. I try to meditate everyday before my daily practice, live more in the moment, worry less about the future and be positive. Trust the universe. Everything will be fine.

– We are what we eat: In Koh Samui I started to take care of my diet, eating as clean as I can and trying to eat a balanced diet. I also took a nutrition online course, which helped me a lot. Teaching Pilates required me to have energy and food is the best source of energy we have. Thai food is great but you can end up eating a lot of fat and carbohydrates (aka delicious pad thai, mango sticky rice, spring rolls, roti, and much more…) But there are also many healthy restaurants and shops, very cheap, so it’s easy to keep a healthy diet.

Of course there is much more that we have learnt from this year in Thailand. But these are the biggest ones.

And you? How have you grow or changed this year?

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