One sport a day takes the doctor away


I know….it’s apples…but apples make me hungry…so I took this famous advice and change it to my March resolution: practice a sport everyday…at least 30 minutes…. I know it may sound easy but…what about the busy days where I have to teach Pilates in Chiang Mai or simply the crazy hot days (here now is like 37ºC…)? No excuses. It’s time to move!

These are some of the sports I will be doing this month:

Pilates: not only teaching but also practicing myself.
Yoga: all kinds all yoga you can imagine (acro, asthanga, vinyasa, yin, gentle, hata…yes, all possible to practice here in Chiang Mai).
Tenis: with my “personal trainer” André.
Dance: I miss dancing with friends. In Spain part of the partying with friends always ends up in a rock bar dancing all together. I have decided to do it myself, at home or wherever I can.
Dance Mandala: dance and meditation…sounds interesting, eh?! Possible in The Yoga Tree.
Bicycle: Chiang Mai is not the best place to ride a bicycle but I am afraid that some days I will have to get to the streets and inhale some smoke on my way to bycicle through the nice little sois here.

Someone wants to join me? If you want to keep updated of my weekly plan, check my facebook page: Pilates around the world.

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