My story

Pilates en mis raíces, yoga en el corazón, alma viajera.

As a child, I always practiced sports (basket, tenis, swimming, ballet…). I loved movement and I found my passion in gymnastics with 10 and always loved dancing.

Lots of years later, life took me to certify as a Pilates MAT instructor in 2011 and decided to leave my event manager career, the office life, to travel the world and find my purpose in life. Lived in Thailand for a while, where I taught Pilates and learnt other disciplines among which Yoga and Thai massage.

Traveling and teaching around the world took me to Costa Rica, where I certified in 2014 as a Yoga Instructor (200hrs YTC) with Frog Lotus Yoga International. The nomad life took me to Lanzarote, a magical island where I became mum and you can find me most of the time now teaching Pilates & Yoga.


I am so happy and grateful to have made of one of my passions my job. Pilates is my roots, that keep strong and stable, grounded, aligned, centered. Yoga is my heart, my passion, my evolution, my soul, where my creativity explodes in creating flows that strength, relaxes or stretch my clients. Always different, yoga taught me to flow with life, to accept, disconnect, reconnect, align, disalign. Listen. Feel and Bliss. Yoga keep teaching me everyday. Yoga and travel are my soul, because the freedom and happiness of traveling is one of my passions. 

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The Style of my pilates & yoga classes in Lanzarote.

My Pilates sessions remain true to Joseph Pilates’ original system of body conditioning. These exercises will help you tone your whole body, strengthen your core, align, improve back problems, gain balance and flexibility, among others.

They can be adapted to your particular needs and are followed by restorative stretching. A powerful class that will make you feel grounded, stronger, flexible and in full control of your body.

My yoga classes are Vinyasa Flow, with Iyengar influence. Adapted to your level and needs, the classes have a strong focus on breath-movement coordination, linking body, mind and spirit in a well rounded practice that will make you feel great, calmer, lighter, bliss. A perfect balance of movement, awareness and connecting with yourself. 

Wanna try both? Try Fusion Flow!
The power of Pilates and the stillness of yoga. A complete and really good practice to achieve a strong, healthy body with a peaceful mind.




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