How to keep up your personal practice while traveling


Practicing in a hostel in Nicaragua

While living in Koh Samui (Thailand), I developed a very good and satisfying personal practice. I would wake up, drink my warm glass of water with lemon and ginger, meditate and then practice my personal mix of Pilates and Yoga. After that, I was ready for the day. Feeling great!

After finishing the yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, my worry was how to stay up with my personal practice, not only yoga but also pilates wise. I love them both too much that I don’t want to stop practising any of them. It’s like having two kids, which one do you like more? You can’t answer that question! You love them both! So you keep doing both.

Now, on the road for 4 months, I have tried to keep practicing everyday and rest the travel days. But I have to admit that some restorative or yin yoga is great after 11 hours of sitting in a van crossing Central America, so sometimes I practiced as well on travel days. I also have to admit that one or two days I was too lazy and didn’t practice….


If you have some hard time to keep your personal practice while traveling, here are some tips that work for me:


1) Choose a hostel with a rooftop / terrace / garden or any quiet area that you can do your practice. If they have a yoga shala and classes everyday that would be ideal as well. You can attend the classes or practice there when there is no class.

If you can’t find a spot in your hostel, just go outside (beach, park will work). I have practised in very beautiful locations but also in surreal ones. The most crazy one was in Bocas del Toro Town (Panama), where the only place were the only area available was the breakfast terrace, not big enough and next to the stairs. So everybody would see me practicing when they woke up and go down the stairs.

Be creative: if your mat fits in, you can keep practicing.

2) Online websites: sometimes work, sometimes not. But if you have good wifi you can motivate yourself subscribing to one of this online websites and keep practicing yoga or pilates anytime, anywhere, if you can connect. This didn’t work very well for me in Central America. The internet in Guatemala, Nicaragua and some parts of Costa Rica and Panama is too slow the videos won’t load. So check before you suscribe if you will be able to see any video.

3) Have an agenda: Something that works for me. Eventhough traveling could feel like you are on holidays and you will find everyday excuses not to practice, I like to keep my agenda-journal with important things to do, and my practice is one of them. If you are a teacher, the practice is your base, what will keep you connected.

4) Set up a challenge per month (in instagram, social media or your own challenge to get to a pose) and incorporate that pose or theme in you practice.

5) Good music: always a good excuse to keep practicing: Test that wonderful playlist that I created for yoga classes in my personal practice. Dj times 🙂

And, what happens when you can’t practice because you are on the road for one or two days, traveling or flying long distance: Well, I guess that is the moment to take some time to meditate (yoga is not only asanas), stretch / hold some easy asanas for some time (back of the plane, bathroom area is always great to test your balance 😉

This is what works for me. And for you?

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