How I became a pescetarian

Exactly two years ago I did a vegetarian challenge month with my boyfriend. Since then I stopped eating meat and now I am what some healthy trendsetters would call “a pesquetarian”. I don’t need meat in my life but I eat fish and eggs.

That month not only changed my menu but also my mind. I started reading books like “Eating Animals” by Jonathan….. and looking for healthy recipes for vegetarians on the internet I found a new hole world of superfoods, plant based diet and its benefit and loads of information that caught my attention.

Since then, I have tried to change my eating habits to healthier ones and have seen in my own body that it works for me. I feel lighter, cleaner inside, lost some weight, improved my diabetes II and my skin was much better as well. No breakouts.

In this blog, together with Pilates tips and news, I will be posting some healthy tips to help you to change to a clean and healthy diet.

Wanna join me through the healthy path?





(Sorry if you find some grammatical mistakes….English is not my native language so it is very probable that some things sound very Spanglish, I hope you enjoy them)

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