Happy 2014


First of all, let me wish you a Happy New Year! I know, I am a bit late…But better late than never!

How has your 2014 started? From the photo above, you can guess my year has started in a great way. I am writing you from a swimming pool in a rural house in Gran Canaria (Spain), where I am teaching Pilates everyday to a bunch of digital nomads. I will be here until the 20th of January, then going back to Madrid for some quality time with family and friends and after that flying to Costa Rica to do a Yoga Teacher Training.

The last 2 months there has been a lot of travelling, re-encounters and fun, but it didn’t stop me from retreating for a little bit, staying with myself for a few hours and set up my goals for 2014.

Do you write a list or something with your goals or dreams for each year?

I love doing it and working for it. It’s good to have dreams, desires, goals or whatever you want to call them, but of course dreams will stay just dreams if you don’t pursue them, and work as hard as you can to make them true.

So here I present you my desires / goals  for 2014:

– Co-hosting a retreat: Pilates&Yoga, Pilates&Digital Nomads, anywhere. This full week experience has given me some clues and more motivation of hosting a retreat, not only for the great people you meet here, but also because retreat makes you disconnect from your daily life, take some time to work on something specific, reorganise your goals, your life and anything you want.

– Teach Pilates and Yoga full time, and around the world: I have some other online projects but my love and passion goes to Pilates and Yoga, and I am determined to live from this as long as I can. In 2013 I dreamed about being able to do this and it looks like I can make it. Just have to keep working on it. Now it’s the moment, there is no way back.

– Eat clean: I want to keep eating as clean as possible. That (for me) means: no dairy, no fried or processed foods, lots of vegetables and a very balanced diet. I did a course about Ayurveda a bit ago and want to try the diet for my type of body / dosha. I will tell you more about this as well.

– Give back: 2013 brought me so many nice things, a lot of great people and experiences that I feel it’s time not to only receive but also to give back. I would like to volunteer, help people feel better and make the world better.

– Run two times a week: I signed a contract with my best friends in New Year’s Eve and agreed to run the “Sal Silvestre” 10 km run in Madrid the next 31st December. So I guess I have to run! Something I really don’t like because it’s the most boring thing I’ve ever tried…

– Meditate & practice Pilates or Yoga every day before breakfast: I feel so good for the whole day when I practiced first thing in the morning. It’s something that can be hard, specially when travelling but I will make the effort to keep practising.

– Speak out: The good and the bad, don’t know exactly how to say this but I want to be this year more outgoing and say always what I have to say, don’t save it for later or leave things unsaid.


These are most of my goals for 2014. ¿What are yours?

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