Guatemala: colour for the soul


After 15 hours in a van, 4 countries in one day, as we crossed El Salvador’s border and enter Guatemala, I instantly liked it. The landscape was greener, mountains and wildlife surrounding, energetic volcanoes everywhere…The feeling was better than Nicaragua. After a looong day, we finally arrived in our first destination in Guatemala: the beautiful, cute Antigua.

Nothing better than a colorful city, sweet welcoming locals and great food and coffee. After one day, we were already in love with the city, saying the famous sentence of “I could live here for a while”.

After one week in Antigua, we went to Lago Atitlán, to the spiritual and hippie small town of San Marcos. There, we stayed in The Yoga Forest, a beautiful place to disconnect, practice, learn and play. So many things to process still from Lake Atitlán, surely lifechanging place. I could write a big post only about Atitlán, San Marcos specially. But I am not going to do it. I will just tell you to come to San Marcos if you are in Guatemala, nothing else. I believe each person has a very different experience in Atitlán. But if you are open, it can change your life.

Now, writing from Flores, after somedays working online and visiting the amazing Tikal, we are ready again to move on. Tomorrow we are traveling to Mexico, last stop in our trip before going back to Spain. Guatemala has been great, leaving a desire to come back and keep exploring this beautiful and full of colors, coffee, volcanoes and chocolate country. Will be back…

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