Good bye Samui

Last month in Samui folks! I am going back to Chiang Mai in November. And after that going back to Spain for Christmas. That’s the plan, So far…So good!

Here is a post about the things I will miss from Samui, an island that I could call home one day. I loved my life here, I have created a routine that allowed me to work in what I love, teaching Pilates. As a dream come true, I have been able to teach every day, groups and private classes. It has been a very nice experience where I have learnt a lot as well.  I have never been so happy to only have one day off a week and I have never liked Mondays so much because it meant a new week ahead of teaching and enjoying the island life. Of course it hasn’t been so easy, as you know, if you want something you have to work for it, ask for it, accept, let go…And trust the universe! But it’s totally worth it. It reassured me that if you have a dream and work for it, you can get it, karma/universe (or whatever you want to call it) will compensate you.

Here are the things I will miss most from the beautiful Samui:

1) Teaching: Of course, the best thing. I will miss a lot The Yogarden, my favorite place as a teacher and as a student. I loved being able to teach Pilates here to people from all over the world. It is a great place to practice yoga as well, with plants, good food and the most important to me, the good vibes from the people that own and manage it. It was really a pleasure to teach here.

2) People: Eventhough my social life here has been a bit scarce, the people I have met here and I have connected with have touched my heart and will miss them a lot. They know who they are and I know someday somewhere we will meet again.

3) The sea: Having seaviews from our terrace. Practice yoga and pilates with seaview each morning. Rains coming from the sea. Turn a corner and see the see. Swimming in the sea. That beautiful blue sea.

4) Cappuccinos in La Fabrique on my way to a class. Best cappuccinos ever. And the cheapest on the island. Really! I know I can find very good cappuccinos in Chiang Mai or anywhere in the world but I will miss the ritual, the treat I was giving myself with that stopovers on the road for caffeine fuel before teaching.

5) Riding my motorbike: Never thought I would say that the first day I ride a motorbike. But lately I am really enjoying riding it, the fresh air in the morning, the waking up of the island while I ride it across for my private lessons. One of my dreams has always been riding a Harley Davidson, just to try. Now I am one step further.

6) The tropical rain: something that people want to totally avoid when they go on holiday to this kind of destinations but I am now loving it. Not so much when it starts raining while I am on the bike but watching the tropical storm coming while on our former house terrace was so great.

7) Restaurants with healthy food like The Spa Resort or Art Café (by June). There is nothing better than eating and knowing that the food you are putting in your body is healthy, full of flavor and energy.


As everything in life, closing a chapter and starting a new one in Chiang Mai, excited to go there again. New adventures coming soon. Live the life you love, love the life you live.

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