Dreams of a nomadic yogi


Ever thought of living on a semi-dessert island? Teaching Yoga and Pilates in paradise? Some dreams can come true…Right?

After the teacher training finished in Costa Rica my boyfriend suggested me to go to Bocas del Toro (Panamá) to see some friends from Europe we had there. Once we arrived in Bocas Town in Isla Colón, I started to look for places to practice yoga in Bocas del Toro and I found this beautiful ecolodge on Red Frog Beach (Isla Bastimentos). The dreamer inside me thought for a second how great would be to stay for a bit and teach there some Yoga and Pilates. Why not trying? I wrote them and give it a chance. Destiny made it possible and here I am, trading my classes for 2 weeks in exchange for accomodation and food discount. My first step towards being a nomad yogi! So happy to have the opportunity to teach in such a beatiful and unspoiled place like Red Frog Beach, here is more about the life I’m living now.

Palmar Tent Lodge, where I am teaching everyday for 2 weeks, is a great project: eco-friendly and affordable beachfront tents, nice bar, surf possibilities, beachfront yoga sala with jungle sounds and the rhythm of breaking waves. No internet, no water (just rain water), no electricity (just the solar panels generated one). Loving the going back to basics / into the wild / castaway feeling, depending on nature and living with nature. With a great bar on the beach, welcoming and nice staff and the best part for me: The Yoga Pavilion! Such a great place for practice and teaching. The sound of the waves make no need for music during classes. Who needs music if you have the jungle and the waves making it for you?




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About Isla Bastimentos, I haven’t had much time to explore the island yet, but I believe that is the best island in Bocas del Toro. Wild, clear blue water, good surfing waves, great local empanadas, nice locals and jungle. What else can you ask for? Island life 100% delivered to your tent door every single day. So grateful to be able to live this experience.


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