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Since I came back from Greece, my body was asking me for a detox. I love Greece. The people, the food, the coffee, the islands, everything. But too much food (specially dairy) was not so good for me. I needed to clean my body. I started to read the book “Clean” by Alejandro Junger to get some motivation and recipe ideas but I can’t do the proper detox he recommends in the book, as I am still breastfeeding.

To detox or not to detox? Juice fasting? Water fasting? Yogi diet? There are so many trends nowdays that, like me, you can feel a bit lost with so many super foods, cleanses, collonics, etc.. on the market. A yogi diet is simple, vegetarian and rich in nutrients. If you know me, you know that I love nutrition, holistic health and I don’t eat meat since 2011. So, combining everything I know and what feels good to me, to my body and mind, I am sharing with you how is my “detox week” to feel cleaner and healthier.

This is what I’m trying to do:

  • Avoid dairy (Instead I drink almond or rice milk).
  • Avoid coffee (no more than 3 cappuccinos per week).
  • No processed or canned food.
  • No sugar.
  • No tomatoes (they are very acidic and allergenic).
  • No meat (I eat eggs and fish).

YES to:

  • Lots of vegetables and fresh fruits from the local market.
  • Drink lots of water, including my usual hot water with lemon and ginger first thing in the morning.
  • One green smoothie a day with my favorite superfoods: chia seeds, flax seeds, chlorella, moringa.
  • Whole grains (if possible gluten free), legumes.
  • Oil pulling first thing in the morning.
  • Meditation (Detox my mind, clears my brain).
  • Use organic cosmetics.
  • Sleep siestas when I can.
  • Probiotics.

Other ideas that might help:
Skin brush.

And here are some charts with foods to detox:





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