Chiang Mai with a baby


(Before you start reading, please note this is a very personal blog post. Feel free to comment, stop reading, laugh or cry whenever you need to).

3 years ago we left Chiang Mai, thinking that we would come back but never imagined we would do it as 3 again (we left Lima home, took Diego instead). It feels good to be back, meet people again, enjoy our favorite restaurants, discover new coffee bars, do a lot of yoga…Life is good and cheap, can’t complain, I am enjoying myself and savoring thai massages and yoga more then ever, as they are my free solo Marta time. But…What about Diego? Is he having fun?

Well, it is tooootally different now. When we were here 3 years ago, I would go to yoga, André would go to a coworking place, we would have endless hours sitting by, drinking coffee or beers, eating with friends, going around in our bikes. Well, with a baby it’s very different. We have to look for plans Diego friendly (he doesn’t like sitting in bars) and after 2 weeks I am out of imagination. Here are some ideas if you are in Chiang Mai with a baby:

  • Swimming pool (Lotus Hotel in Kad Suan Kaew is good).
  • Temples: great place with open spaces, good for crawling, exploring, having fun (and get super dirty…be ready for that…).
  • Coffee places with playground like Plaernpa
  • Park (south area of moat).
  • The zoo (I am against zoo, I didn’t go but André took Diego and it was not so bad…)
  • Doi Suthep (get out of the city and some nature).
  • 3d art museum (was super fun, open space, cool things to see…we both had fun).

In general, Thailand is a very good country to travel with a baby, as you can find anything you need, thai people are great with babies, they listen and adapt in restaurants with your preferences for baby food.

We are staying in Varada Place (where they put us a cot with mosquito net! big win!) not big room but the staff is amazing.

What I am finding more difficult in Chiang Mai with a baby is transportation. We have to carry Diego almost all day on the backpack, as the stroller here is a big challenge. Thai side walks are not good for that. My back is feeling it, thanks that here Yoga is super cheap 😉 and thai massages. Also the air pollution and so many people and city chaos makes Chiang Mai a bit difficult for me now.

I have to admit that I am not a city girl anymore, so after 2 weeks in Chiang Mai I am more than ready to go to the islands. We love traveling and I think Diego too. Some people congratulate us for traveling with a baby and some people maybe think we are crazy. Are you traveling Thailand with a baby? If not, would you?


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  1. Anne - February 15, 2016 Reply

    Sounds like an amazing adventure. I really need a holiday after reading your part.
    Hope the 3 of you have a ball for the rest of your time there.

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