Bye bye 2018

Dear 2018,

I have to admit. We didn’t start right…But with time we have managed to love each other. Thank you for the learning, for everything.

This year has been quite a year, full of changes and transformation, always good for growing. Here are 5 things about my 2018 (because I love lists πŸ˜‰ :

  1. We moved house. Still in Lanzarote but different town. Worked on my detachment. 
  2. I learnt a lot about my voice. I started 2018 with a weird voice, after a 3 week severe laringitis with no voice. Then I was diagnosed with vocal cords nodules, which was a thing. Yes, yoga teachers not only need bodies and mind to remember the sequences, they also need voice! This made me go to a voice therapist, that taught me how to speak. And been working on speaking up my truth, say what I feel and use more compassionate communication. I gain my voice back.
  3. I lost a bit my love for yoga. Yoga has always been my therapy, my way of dealing with life, of feeling good, feeling myself, my center, my soul. At the end of 2017 I think I was burn out, which made me loose my motivation for teaching, for sharing. Economically speaking I was not happy as well, so I thought for the first time since 2012, to look for a normal job…But life (thanks universe!) put me in my place, I took the signs and decided to work on it. To fight this stagnation and do something.
  4. And here is when I started with again, fresh and reborn, whit my new mantra: STOP DREAMING, START DOING. I stopped waiting for clients to come, for things to happen, for universe to send me things and give me all done. When you move some things, you change your vibration, the universe conspires to get you back to your center. But you have to do something.
  5. And I DID lots of things. Had an amazing super creative month of July where I redesign the way I wanted to work, I creating new things, the retreat in La Graciosa, a collaboration creating Yoga & Trekking on the island, Kids yoga in a new beautiful center in Costa Teguise, lots of clients that come for holidays, which I love teaching and sharing yoga with people visiting the island, changed my website, ran again, cooked more, started an ayurveda nutrition course, went to yoga workshops with beautiful teachers to love again my personal practice, connected with amazing women, loved my family, had fun with my son…And many more. It’s amazing how in the same year how many things can happen. 
    It seems long and short at the same time. 
    I lost and gain in the same year. 

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas and amazing 2019 full of health, love and balance πŸ˜‰ 


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