"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" - Rumi

This quote is my mantra since 2012, when I decided to live a different life, sharing my love for yoga and Pilates all over the world...


I took Marta's private yoga lessons while in Lanzarote and I highly recommend her if you are visiting the Island. She is very flexible and can tailor the class to your needs. I had previously taken yoga lessons but was out of practice due to a long term illness and my friend had not taken any yoga lessons before. Marta balanced the classes perfectly for both of us, and altered the practice depending on our energy levels on the day, making them enjoyable and effective. It was lovely to see the progress in my body, with my suppleness returning. Her voice is also very relaxing. Marta, I miss your lessons!

Dawn Clark

Yoga on the beach with Marta was just beautiful! She is very attentive and we felt well looked after throughout the class. My sister and I left with a sense of deep relaxation, our tension eased and our muscles had received some much needed stretching. Would definitely recommend.

Sarah McCarthy

When searching for Pilates classes on Lanzarote, I didn’t know yet that it was my lucky day. Marta is just the right person you need when you want to go into the fantastic world of Pilates. Every exercise is well explained, she pays a lot of attention to each person, corrects your move for your best. After my first class, I felt so light, I wondered if I wasn’t going to fly! I took all classes I could. If I happen to be traveling not far from where Marta is, no way will I miss the chance to practice Pilates with her. Thanks, Marta!”



Atrévete a probar

Lo llevas pensando un tiempo…Pero no te atreves. Todos lo han probado. Algunos de tus amigos están enganchados. Se sienten tan relajados, se les ve mejor, más sanos, más feliz…Y algunos hasta han dejado de comer carne!! ¿Qué tendrá el yoga ese que se está haciendo tan popular? Bueno, alomejor es sólo por la...

Los 7 mágicos para tu dolor de espalda

Dicen que el 7 es un número mágico, y el yoga también… Desde que empecé a dar clases de yoga y/o pilates, el 80% de mis clientes sufrían de dolor en la zona lumbar. Muchas horas sentados trabajando en oficina, cargar peso, conducir o simplemente no saber mover nuestros cuerpos con conciencia puede que...

Senderismo & yoga en Lanzarote

En Lanzarote, tenemos la gran suerte de poder hacer actividades al aire libre casi todo el año. Es una isla maravillosa para caminar, surfear, comer bien y regalarte un poquito de bienestar. Una forma puede ser el yoga. Porque siempre sienta bien una sesión de yoga en un estudio, pero es incluso mejor si...

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